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New load transfer solutions for the construction and repair of roads, railways and concrete pavements

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Presidente de Farobel Juntas JRI+ - Tecnología de Obra Civil
(28003 Madrid)


This article shows a resume of the works and tests carried out with JRI+ system so to prove the effectiveness and durability of induced shrinkage joints in concrete pavements.

The solution consists on the permanent load transfer between concrete slabs. It makes possible to construct the pavement with one single layer which is an improvement in economy, speed, durability and safety terms. It also minimizes maintenance and environment aggressions.

Another application of the system, still in a developing phase, is its use for reparing damaged pavements either providing them with permanent load transfer in its joints or creating new joints, and thus extending its lifespan.


Concrete, Rigid pavement, Load Transfer, Deflectometer, Joint, Maintenance, Conservation, Retrofitting

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