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GIS applications for pavements management in the Principado de Andorra

Departament de Pavimentacions, Ministeri d’Ordenament Territorial
Govern d’Andorra (AD500 Andorra)

Director Técnico de Euroconsult – Andorra

Especialista en GIS Barcelona


The Department of Transportation of the Government of Andorra manages a road network of almost 300 km of general roads in a country with an average altitude of over 2,000 meters.

The GIS Ferms project was born with the aim of developing an application that allows establishing a practical tool for medium and long-term planning of the actions to be carried out to guarantee a quality and safety service in relation to the existing pavement in the managed road network.

The chosen method involves creation of a relational database to store the data and an application that enables access to the same in GIS format by means of a map. The result is thorough knowledge of the condition of the paving of the road network. Process automation and enhanced decision-making are also obtained. The application enables substantiation of decisions on the basis of empirical data.


Auscultation, Road network, GIS, Paving, Management, Andorra, Planning, Gis Ferms.

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