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Impact of the quality of the pavement construction in the pavement distress and maintenance costs

Catedrático de Caminos
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (08034 Barcelona)

Catedrático de Caminos
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (08034 Barcelona)


The structural quality of a flexible pavement is basically associated with its deflection level. In order to achieve this quality during the construction stage, deflections must be measured the subgrade quality and category. Similar requirements could be established with the aim of assessing the structural quality of the pavement layers.

The structural analysis of the flexible pavement sections collected by the Instrucción de Carreteras of 2003 for the same traffic category shows similar deflection levels. In relation to these values and from the control of the pavement deflection during the construction of the different layers, deflection levels for each traffic category are proposed.

Moreover, the effect of variations in the structural quality achieved during the construction of a pavement in the maintenance actions and costs was assessed by means of the pavement management system. This study shows the enormous impact that a lower quality on the pavement construction has on the maintenance costs.


Pavement, Quality, Deflection, Conservation, Management, Cost, Subgrade, Deflection feature.

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