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A suitable example of road pricing?

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. Fundación CETMO (08029 Barcelona)


Faced with the proposals to generating new revenue through modern versions of traditional tolls, the author suggests considering the unique characteristics of the Spanish system compared to the most representative experiences in other countries. An analysis of these experiences shows that pricing strategies are viable if they provide current responses to specific scenarios and contexts.

Examining different contexts and circumstances opens up new goals and possibilities. In particular, it is worth considering comprehensive approaches that address the different types of vehicles, users, roads and societies, and that consider safety to be a prerequisite for mobility.

So emerges the opportunity to include externalities into the cost through a strategy of levies and mileage bonuses based on the assumed level of danger and the inclusion of other items, given that payment is known to be the most efficient way of controlling externalities, regardless of the value they are assigned.


Rate, Toll, Road network, Tax, Cost, Environment tax, Taxation, Free flow, Vignette, Road pricing

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