First experiences in rutting and cracking reflex, in concrete pavement with asphalt reinforcement using geosynthetic materials.

H├ęctor L. DELBONO
LEMaC. Research Center of the UTN, 
Facultad Regional La Plata (1923 Berisso, Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Rutting is a defect that occurs in asphalt pavements due to the traffic of vehicles and high operating temperatures; a depression is produced in correspondence with the track of traffic flow.

The existing problem for this phenomenon is to find a solution that balances the resistance of the mixture in terms of permanent deformation (rutting) and fatigue (crack).

Laboratory experiments were conducted using the Wheel Tracking Test equipment, seeking to extend the life of a deteriorated pavement, rehabilitated with asphalt reinforcement and inserting different geosynthetics. It was evident that geosynthetics reduce rutting potential that inevitably occurs in asphalt reinforcements together with a significant reduction in cracking up.

Future work needs to unify test criteria and standards applicable to quantify the behavior of geosynthetics to rutting. 


Pavement, Asphalt mix, Concrete, Rutting, Rut, Plastic deformation, Crack, Crack reflex, Geosynthetic, Wheel tracking Test.

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