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Environmental solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Low temperature mixes

Técnico de Asistencia Técnica de Asfaltos. Repsol (28045 Madrid)


A great deal has been published on the greenhouse effect, caused by the warming of the surface and associated with the emission of greenhouse gases. The source of these gases, which are liberated into the atmosphere, are various combustion processes occurring in daily life, one of them being industrial activity.

The field of bitumen mixes has followed suit and has joined this need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This has opened up a spectrum of possibilities, developing technologies that are intermediate to those hitherto known, such as hot mixes and cold mixes, and developing bitumen mixes denominated low-temperature mixes. Encompassed within these are those situated halfway between the temperatures of hot mixes (> 160º C) and cold mixes (at ambient temperature).

This article expounds in general terms on the different types of known methodologies and those in which experience has been acquired in the manufacture of low-temperature mixes, all of which are alternatives that achieve a reduction in emissions in the sector of bitumen mixes.


Bitumen mix, Emission, Greenhouse gas, Temperature, Low-temperature mix, Environment, Carbon dioxide (CO2).

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