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Asphalt mixes containing carbon nanotubes modified bitumen. Design and properties

Vicente PÉREZ
Technical director

Ignacio PÉREZ
Técnico de Desarrolllo 

Antonio Garcia
Delegado Asistencia
Cepsa Comercial Oil 
(28806 Alcalá de Henares)


Investigador Contratado

Associate Professor 

Javier SANZ
Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering, 
Calos III University of Madrid (28911 Leganés) 


The development and study of the rheological and electrical properties of bitumen modified with carbon nanotubes is exposed. This modification transforms the bitumen into electrical semiconductor material, which opens a new range of possibilities of use to a material that, usually, acts as an electrical insulator.

As an example of these new applications, design and study of asphalt mixes made with carbon nanotubes modified binders conferring improved self-healing properties to the mixture by microwave absorption are presented.

Results showed in this paper have been obtained in the development of the MAMCE project, granted by the Spanish “Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad”, call “Innpacto 2011”.


Binder, Bitumen, modified bitumen, carbon nanotube,
asphaltic mix asphalt mixture, Rheology, Autorreparabilidad.

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