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Payments to subcontractors, the last link

Alfredo Berges Valdecantos
Member of the Board of the PMcM (Multisectorial Platform against NPLs) and Director General of ANFALUM (Spanish Association of Lighting Manufacturers)


The Multisectoral Platform against Delinquency (PMcM) proposes measures to end the scourge of late payments, which particularly affects SMEs and independent and that in Spain has caused the closure of a third of the companies that have disappeared during the crisis. Specifically subcontractors and suppliers are one of the sectors that most affect them the dominant position of large companies pay their suppliers over the period permitted by law.

In order to encourage the involvement of these SMEs and independent in the public procurement market and to alleviate these difficulties, it is necessary to apply in practice of public procurement the provision contained in the new Article 228.bis of the Consolidated Law of public Sector contracts (TRLCSP), so that the contracting effectively verify compliance with payments that contractors awarded public contracts be carried out by subcontractors or suppliers to participate in them, and this is a factor determinant in hiring.

If in addition to this also held PMcM other proposals, such as rapid recovery of VAT not collected and an automatic system to locate the non-compliant businesses and fined, be achieved greatly reduce delays in payments to suppliers.


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