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Evaluation and communication of environmental sustainability of infrastructure. Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations

Rocio Fernandez Flores
Chemical engineer. Biotechnology and Environment Group
Technological Innovation Department. ACCIONA Infrastructures (28108 Madrid)


The construction sector is aware of the need to measure, prevent and reduce environmental damage caused by building materials, processes, services and own works. The standardized methodology for life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a key tool for sustainability assessment and decision-making of an environmental nature. Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are the best communication system in the environmental performance of a product in a reliable, transparent and measurable way. Some construction companies have the strategy to apply the methodology of LCA-DAP for both civil works and for building, with a competitive advantage in green public procurement processes or the acquisition of public sector deals. Today is considered vital to the creation of a policy of sustainability in civil engineering that combines the needs and challenges of public and business sectors along the value chain.


Environment, life-cycle assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Sustainability, Public Sector.

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