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Ten key aspects to a new way of hiring

Juan Francisco Lazcano ACEDO
Presidente de la Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC) and the Spanish Road Association (AEC)


This article describes the new features introduced by the three directives of the European Union on public contracts are exposed. This is the so-called Third Generation Directives, which represent a significant advance in the realization of the rules governing public procurement. Soon they will be transposed into Spanish law.

The work is divided into ten points that reproduce as many fundamental issues that companies must be present to carry out the transposition of the standard. Ten news that will determine a new form of contract, since they alter the classical structure established in the early twentieth century and developed throughout this century. First, in 1965, the Law on State Contracts. After thirty years later, in 1995, with the Contract Law of Public Administrations, which evolved into our Law on Public Sector, today revised text.

Once the transposition of directives, the Spanish Law will become one of the legal texts on modern and dynamic world recruitment.


Legislation, Recruitment, Public Administration, Public Sector, European Directive.

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