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daily and seasonal variation of the relative deflection and the maximum deflection in various types of transverse cracks in reflected semirigid pavement

Maria Esther Castillo Díez
Head of the Ministry of Development (28071 Madrid)


This research has studied the daily and seasonal variation of the relationship between the deflection obtained in the vicinity of the edges of the transverse thermal cracks four types of situations that occur in the firm RIB and the firm between these fissures, this that is, the ratio relative deflection. As well as experiencing the maximum deflection in such close proximity. The influence of the different constitutive properties of the materials that make up the asphalt layers of these firm against those who make up the cement treated layers has been reflected in the results achieved, establishing a range of prevalence of the influence of layers against other values ​​of these parameters. The findings of this study were to quantify the variation of these parameters in two scenarios referred to as conditions for winter and summer.


Sign semi-rigid, Cement, cement treated layer, transverse fissure, Deflection Temperature, Pavement.

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