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Construction of an embankment with soil stabilized by using alternative agents on the motorway Olivar

Carlos Urena NIETO
Senior engineer. Department of Geotechnics. AECOM UK

José Miguel Azañon HERNÁNDEZ
University Professor. University of Granada

Francisco Antonio CORPAS IGLESIAS
US Professor University of Jaen

Senior engineer. Independent consultor

Director of R + D + I SACYR Construction

Senior engineer. SACYR Construction 

Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía

José María Sierra López
Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía


Soil stabilization is a solution that has been implemented over the past decades to incorporate earth works with poor soil engineering, such as poor bearing capacity and high potential for expansion properties. Today the traditional stabilization through agents such as lime or cement poses serious economic and environmental problems. In addition recent studies have discouraged the use of lime in soils such as loams, whose calcium carbonate content can intervene in the reaction preventing proper long-term stabilization.

This study presents the results and conclusions of a research project carried out within the framework of the construction of the A-316 in its section between Baeza and Puente del Obispo in the province of Jaen. To carry out the project builders, consultants, university and public administration joined forces. The experimental program ended with the construction of an embankment entirely composed of soil stabilized with alternative solutions to traditional.


Stabilization, Biomass ash, Thermal ash, Lime, Inert mining, Puzolana, Fly ash, Environment, Recycling, Waste. 

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