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Carlos Andrade Neto
Engineer. Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the Agostino Neto University (Angola). PhD student at the José A. Echeverría Polytechnic Higher Institute. Group of Investigation of Pavements and Road Explanations. 
Cujae (10.800 Havana, Cuba)

Eduardo Tejeda Piusseaut
Doctor Engineer. Professor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Polytechnic Institute José A. Echeverría. Pavement Research Group and Explanaciones Vials. Cujae (10.800 Havana, Cuba)


The current situation in Angola predicts a boom in road rehabilitation, urgent need to improve the firm, including reinforcement, estimated at 12000 km. However, in many cases there is no previous information on projects and implementing pathways that allow a proper decision about their rehabilitation and there are no national rules to enable the realization of reliable estimates of the thickness of reinforcement.

In some projects it has been directly used SATCC standard ( "Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission") for the year 2001, which was not created for the conditions prevailing in Angola.

At work SATCC equations derived from the standard are presented for calculating the thickness reinforcement, using the maximum deflection and the radius of curvature obtained by deflection by Benkelman beam. The methodology includes a climatic zoning for Angola taking into account the annual rainfall, which determines moisture levels for soils and critical values ​​of resistance; air temperature and determining the temperature of the pavement, to set calculation modules in asphalt mixtures. The assessment of weather conditions covers the monthly values ​​recorded in the period to 2003 2012.


SATCC standard, Road network, Reinforcement, Rehabilitation, Flexible firm, Maximum deflection, Radius of curvature.

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