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Flor Angela Escobar Cerquera
Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia. UPTC.
(150003512 Boyaca, Colombia)


In the article a part of the Space Research Analysis of traffic accidents occurs in the urban area of ​​Bogota, one of whose objectives was to obtain models for assessing road accidents in urban areas, localities scale. This requires a systemic approach was designed to address the analysis of the variables through methods and techniques of geo-statistical analysis, with the support of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The results show that the occurrence of accidents is not as random by its deterministic character, repetitive, spatial and temporal that identifies them as easily predictable events to plan your intervention, which have a territorial and temporal component of high incidence that correlates strongly with physical and socioeconomic characteristics of the analyzed space, interrelated defined as a multi-causal and not unicausal problem, which in turn allowed us to establish patterns of concentration variables - dispersion fundamental input of modeling to diagnose on what are the areas with the greatest risks. New knowledge supports urban planners who consider road safety.


Road safety, Traffic, Accident, urban transport, Colombia, Bogota, Spatial Analysis, Concentration, Grouped, spatial pattern, territorial pattern, Exploratory Data Analysis Space AEDE, geostatistical analysis.

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