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REC PROJECT "ROADS AS ENERGETIC CROPS" Roads energy by piezo pickup

Antonio Perez Lepe
Repsol Technology Centre (Project Manager) (28935 Móstoles)

Silvia Hernández Rueda
Repsol Technology Centre

Maria Angeles Rodriguez Izquierdo
Repsol Technology Centre 

José Francisco Fernández Lozano
CSIC Institute of Ceramics and Glass 

Alberto Moure Arroyo
CSIC Institute of Ceramics and Glass 

Maria Pilar Perez Ochoa
Polytechnic University of Madrid 

Sunday Urquiza Pictures
CEIS (Center for Testing, Innovation and Services)


A road is designed for vehicle traffic. Conventional roads focus on support vehicles, solely on mechanical needs, safety and comfort. But what you can get energy from the road? This is the objective of this project, which attempts to change the concept of transport infrastructure to the concept of active and intelligent infrastructure. This has been evaluated all options for energy capture, using all the energy potential that has the infrastructure, and potential uses. The challenge is undertaken mechanical vibrational energy capture by incorporating piezoelectric transducers under the rolling road. With this approach have been completed several prototypes that cast a decisive data for the laying of the invention: the energy storage technology from pulses generated by vehicle traffic is viable.


Vehicle, Pavement, Traffic, Energy, Smart, Piezo.

Asociación Española de la Carretera
Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
Tel .: (34) 91 5779972
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