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Roads in 2040

Vicente Redondo Dómine
Director General of Public Works, Housing and Urban Projects
Generalitat Valenciana (46018 Valencia)


In the next two or three decades before us a huge challenge. Mobility demands of society will continue to grow and demanding better planned urban models and broader policies logistics and balanced mobility, which will remain essential in advanced societies.

For public and private transport, one properly conserved and managed road network is essential to the conservation, maintenance and as an integrated transport system management, will become decisive, along with the constant improvement of road safety.

The application of new technologies to a more safe driving, minimizing the risk of human factors in driving, using differentiated by the use of road infrastructure, the promotion of public transport and non-polluting rates, integration of roads in their space, allowing conjugating capacity, safety, kindness with the territory, and with the user, the empowerment of scenic roads that allow drive and enjoy the surroundings, are some challenges in the coming years to achieve safe and effective infrastructure .

Roads in 2040 and integrated management of the same ahead bring therefore dramatic changes, but the goals remain: serve the people, moving goods, and with them contribute to growth, development and the interrelationship of people and ideas .


Road network, regional network, Valencia, balanced mobility, transport, road management integrated, automatic driving, Sustainability, landscape Road, Park Road.

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