Actions in road safety in Extremadura

Mountain JIM√ČNEZ SWORD    
Doctora Ingeniera de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Director General of Roads and Hydraulic Works of the Government of Extremadura (Merida 06800)

Ana Arranz Cuenca
Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports.
Director of Traffic, Mobility and Road Safety. PROINTEC SA

Choker Beatriz Gallardo
Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports. Project Engineer. PROINTEC SA

Julian Sanabria Pozas
Engineer of Public Works. Project manager. PROINTEC SA 


This article attempts to give the reader a clear view of the initiatives in road safety, being taken in the region of Extremadura. While it is true that other administrations pioneer in this field, we have managed to collect the witness and, today, we are immersed in the development of an ambitious program of road safety. The main measures are proving highly effective in relation to the decrease in claims.

In order to assess the validity of the initiatives proposed in February 2012 was created the Regional Observatory Road Safety Forum meeting where knowledge and experiences are shared and where a balance and analysis of recorded accident rates and the monitoring the management of road safety developed through writing projects and implemented, planned or ongoing works.

Includes interventions of different experts and contributions to the improvement of security are provided from different approaches, such as relevant studies in scope or new initiatives, proposals, updates regulations, etc., some of which are directly promoted by management general.


Observatory Road Safety, Management, Traffic, Accident, regional network, Extremadura.

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