Coordination between urban planning and new legislation highways of Galicia

H├ęctor Presas Veiga
Head of the Planning and Programming
Infrastructure Galician Agency (15071 Santiago de Compostela)


Coordination between urban planning and road laws has historically been a source of conflicts usual, by the overlap that occurs between the two regulations, particularly serious in urban sections.

Remove the protection zones of the road in their urban sections, moving to urban planning management of road side in these sections, it contributes to avoid that situation. To make this possible, ensuring adequate protection of the public domain road, planning instruments under the headline administration report should be reviewed in detail, to incorporate the conditions, limitations and prohibitions that are deemed necessary.

This approach eliminates red tape and improve legal certainty for citizens, helping to stimulate economic activity, with an adequate regulatory framework for the conduct of activities in the roadsides.


Law roads, urban planning, urban Tranche protection zone, Legislation, Planning, Public domain, Road network, Regulations, Galicia.

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