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Technical Structuring Highways for Prosperity Colombia

Manual Cano Espinosa
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Director of Division of Highways TYPSA 

Alfonso Medina del Rio
Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports.
Assigned to the Division of Highways TYPSA


In November and March 2012 2013 the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) of Colombia awarded to a consortium participated to 75% by TYPSA two contracts to perform additional technical studies and technical Structuring Highways for Prosperity. During the more than two years elapsed TYPSA has become the essential technical support required ANI to move forward with the bids for a project that is not only the most ambitious in the history of the country, but also the greatest work of road infrastructure the world in bidding or execution 14 with an estimated total investment billion pesos, about 5.600 million.

The work of TYPSA has been multiple: one has conducted a comprehensive review of the designs to date and complete and improved from a number of additional studies multidisciplinary field and cabinet. He has also written a series of new designs ANI wanted to incorporate the concessionary package. On the other hand we proceeded to the analysis of all the technical aspects of the new concessions, including the preparation of specifications corresponding contests and accompaniment to the entity during the bidding process.

At present the ANI has called the contest of concessions and even has awarded any of the sections.

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