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Resilient loss modulus of a bituminous mixture by immersion in water

Pedro lemon Covarrubias
Area manager bituminous mixtures design company LASFALTO

Ignacio Cremades Ibáñez
technical director of the company SURFAX

Rodrigo He looked Recasens
Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia 


Currently there is no exact method to define whether an asphalt mixture is susceptible to water.

In Mexico and in several parts of the world is being investigated to solve the problems of affinity between aggregate and bitumen.

Therefore in this study the effect of water susceptibility of bituminous mixtures by resilient modulus loss by immersion in water is studied.

In this study the test conditions to which the various mixtures were determined subject.

different types of mixtures in which the types of aggregates and bitumen was varied were studied. losses were observed module and determined which bitumens and aggregates having lower affinity to each other are.

Finally a quality parameter affinity for loss method set resilient modulus.


Bituminous mixture, Resilient module, Susceptibility to water, Arid, Bitumen, Binder, Durability.

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