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De Rerum frictionum

Rafael Álvarez Loranca


This article aims to explain in a document, of no great length, what is known about the friction between the tire and the pavement, with the aim that this, emerging issues that are of benefit to the world of road .

The lack of friction has always been a danger to road safety. Therefore various standards focus on limiting the minimum value of the friction coefficient on the pavement generally.

Really the value of the friction coefficient is a parameter to relate to road safety, it is necessary to analyze the situation on the road. That is, it is necessary to determine their dangerousness, whether the point is uphill or downhill, in an area of ​​straight or area of ​​curves, which is the radius of the curve if there is, what is the rate of legal circulation in that point ... etc.

In the article a method to analyze the dangerousness due to lack of friction on the road taking into account the above factors is developed.


Friction, Transverse friction,  longitudinal friction, texture, Pavement, Road safety.

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