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Consider the remaining salt on dry road, subject pending in planning preventive treatments for icing

Chief COEX Sector L-4
Conservation UTE Lleida
ALVAC, SA-Marcor Ebro, SA


Weather conditions in the area in which the L-4 sector of the province of Lleida is located allow us to have a very low significant number of winter days in the presence of wind from the north or northwest keeps temperatures but dry road.

The experience allows us to estimate that the permanence of flux road is far superior to the case of wet road, especially when brine is used for preventive treatment, but the possible consequences of a hypothetical accident in which the driver reports a supposed presence of ice when we have not done the appropriate preventive treatment, cause we finish performing this treatment in order to cover ourselves against possible claims and not because really your application may be necessary to prevent the occurrence of ice, which is an economic cost overrun for the conservation and operation of infrastructure and greater impact on the environment.

Through this article is intended to facilitate the trends that show salinity measurements made, which allow us to understand the relationship between the variables involved in the more or less permanent flux on the roadway, which seeks to implement in upcoming campaigns regarding traffic existing.


Conservation, Winter road, Preventive treatment, Ice, Flux, Brine, Causeway, dry, open mix, Traffic, Environment, Winter.

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