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Techniques intelligent energy use in road

Diaz Arce Borja
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos

Angel Vega Zamanillo

Maria Antonia Perez Hernando
Department of Transport and Technology Projects and Processes.
University of Cantabria 


This article innovative aspects for the energy use of roads through projects and studies that improve road safety and sustainability are collected. Since the reuse of energy wasted by braking forces that can recharge electric vehicles in future special road to the energy use of the daylight hours to inform us, in adverse environmental conditions, using holograms on our roads.

geothermal exploitations pavement deicing a way to reuse the heat or the conversion of the impact energy in a crash against a safety barrier in a call for help interpreting the data instantly. Use of more environmentally friendly asphalt mixes or lighting control to improve performance. Very different measures under consideration or implemented, that will save us approximately one 20% management and maintenance of existing roads.


Environment, Energy, Innovation, Energy use, Maintenance, Firm, Electric Vehicle, Pavement, Conservation, Illumination.

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