Influencing the activity of clays in soil stabilization with quaternary ammonium salts Cuba

Juan Mario Junco del Pino
Senior specialist
Vials address
Technical Centre for the Development of Building Materials (CTDMC)
Ministry of Construction of Cuba (MICONS)
Associate Professor
Higher Polytechnic Institute José A. Echeverría (CUJAE) 

Eduardo Tejeda Piuseaut
Road Engineering Department
Faculty of Civil Engineering. Associate Professor
Higher Institute
José A. Echeverría Polytechnic (CUJAE) 


As part of the research carried out in Cuba with the use of quaternary ammonium salts, as an additive for soil stabilization subgrade road, called Rocamix system, the results obtained with the product in several works carried out are shown, with different soils, classified all within groups A-6 or A-7 (according to AASHTO); and in which this type of stabilization has been significantly effective.

It is seen in the conducted analyzes that are evident increases resistance in clay soils, however these increases are not always achieved in the same proportion, even though the letter of Plasticity of Casagrande classifies within the same group. It found good correlation between increased resistance CBR and Activity Index Clay, which explains the differences found in the increased resistance.


Soil, Clay, Concourse, Stabilisation, Quaternary salt, Chemical stabilization of soils, clays Activity, Letter of activity Polidori.

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