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Estimation of concentration levels of CO and NOx associated with the exploitation of roads of national interest Havana

Jessie Madrazo Bacallao

Carlos Leon Sacasas

Pire Saturnino Rivas

Lucia Alonso Leon
Polytechnic José Antonio Echeverría
CUJAE, Havana (CUBA)


He was selected, adopted and implemented a practical procedure that estimates the concentration levels of pollutants associated with the operation of roads as part of the environmental assessment requested by government institutions Havana. The procedure is based on the use of tools GIS GIS to study the distribution in space and time of emission and immission estimated by models. Whenever you have obtained emission factors, it is possible to make a primary diagnosis of air quality, aimed at managers pathways and useful institutions to decide about a possible deepening of studies by affecting the population adjacent or define as satisfactory environmental condition of the road. the results of the application of the procedure in Routes of National Interest Havana are presented: immissions of CO and NOx vary with the time of year and in some ways exceed the maximum allowable (CMA).


Air pollution, pollutant, Transportation, Emission, Immission, Air Quality, Traffic, Vehicle.

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