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Statistical study of the outrages of wildlife in the red viaria Lugo

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Mondelo
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Provincial de Lugo

Marta Serrano Pérez
Dr. Department of Mathematics and Physics, Polytechnic School
University Alfonso X the Wise

Jesus Maria Retana Maqueda
Dr. Industrial Engineer
Teach and Consult 4

Rafael Andrade Magro
Doctor Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Teach and Consult 4

Tomas Garcia Martin
Doctor Chemical Engineer
Teach and Consult 4


Lugo Provincial Council turns out to be the Spanish provincial road network largest institution has responsibility (4200 km road). The vast majority of these roads run through an area of ​​great environmental value, with numerous wildlife. Because of this, Lugo is the Galician province that recorded a higher number of accidents in which these animals are involved. Most of the time belong to protected species of great ecological value, so that his death could lead to serious problems affecting the proper development of surrounding ecosystems. Against this, we have adopted a series of measures to promote the safety of different road sections. However, to date, not the degree of effectiveness of these measures have been implemented is known.

With this research is to develop a methodology to assess such measures, in particular signaling it has been located in different ways, performing a thorough fieldwork roads of the road network of the province and studying through a detailed statistical analysis the degree of influence within the aforementioned accidents.


Traffic, Accident, Fauna, Deputation, Signaling, Mortality, Environment. 



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