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Index for determining the priority of action on road sections of an action plan against noise

Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports. Head of Highways
Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Junta de Andalucía in Almería

Doctor in Environmental Sciences
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering (Department of Environmental Technologies)
University of Granada.

Antonio J. TORIJA
Doctor in Environmental Sciences
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research.
University of Southampton

Diego P. RUIZ
Doctor in Physics
Professor, Department of Applied Physics
Science Faculty
University of Granada


The noise produced by road traffic currently stands by its importance in the overall environmental impacts caused by roads. However, there is no regulated process to establish priorities for action between different sections of roads included in the action plans against noise, according to the European Directive on Environmental Noise.

Thus, this paper defines the so-called priority index section (IPT), consisting of the influence of a set of variables (called variables priority section, VPT), ​​distinguished by its special relationship with the noise problem in the roads, and allows you to sort by priority action sections of the Plan. Furthermore, the application of the methodology proposed for the revision of the Action Plan Against Noise 2008-2012 of Autonomic road network in the province of Almeria is presented.


Noise, Environment, Impact, Traffic, Strategic noise map, Action plan, Variable of section priority, European Directive on Environmental Noise.

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