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predictive model applied to proactive traffic management special operations

Carmelo Federico Fernández Alonso
Manuel Francisco AVILÉS LUCAS
Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)
Ministry of Interior


The increased capacity as a remedy to congestion in developed countries is becoming increasingly a solution with less economic justification and weak social acceptance, such being the case of Spain.

In this socioeconomic context most indicators point to a coming era of management, so there is the need to achieve a balanced transportation system through the implementation of measures referred to as soft seeking to maximize the existing road infrastructure at low cost. That said, the role of the traffic authorities is essential, for which a deep search of management systems based on demand road proactive methodologies are nonetheless required.

The Traffic Department is investigating in order to find a model prognosis that is configured as the basis for the processes of decision making traffic management in seasonal special operations (bridges and long weekends) in which the figures are reached maximum annual veh-km / day veh / h.

On the one hand, the model of forecasting traffic presented here enable planning and allocation tighter geographically human resources (operators, police officers, personnel helicopters, etc.), material resources (police cars, helicopter flights, surveillance devices , ITS, variable message signs, circumstantial beaconing), and the most effective and timely planning special management measures and traffic control (additional lanes, lanes in the opposite direction to normal, detours, reversible lane restrictions, etc). On the other hand, it will be possible to provide the citizen with information pre-trip tighter and updated regarding travel times and incidents in circulation.


Traffic, Prognosis, Traffic Management, Mobility, Model, congestion, ITS Intelligent Transportation System.

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