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Quantification and budgeting model in the management of construction and demolition waste. Application to road

Jaime Solis-Guzman
Profesor Ayudante Doctor
Madelyn Marrero
Profesora Titular de Universidad

David García Guisado
Building Engineer
Department of Constructions 
Architecture II
Sevilla University 


Among the building projects, the stage of development has an important role in the management of waste from construction and demolition (RCD) in particular have relevance construction of small vials due to the large volume they generate. This work establishes a procedure in order to meet the current legal framework and has been tested successfully on building projects and can be applied to road projects. The first step is the correct classification and quantification, for that systematic classification system is proposed. The second is to generate the RCD study management, including inter alia budget management. Finally, the procedure will be applied to a real case where two scenarios are compared. The model allows to conclude that waste recycling is not only the best environmental but also the most economically viable option.


Waste, Demolition, Recycling, Pavement, construction and demolition waste RCD, demolition project, cost of waste, Quantification of waste, waste legislation.

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