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"Smart city logistics"

Francesc Robusté
Professor of Transportation
ETS Civil Engineering, Channels and Ports
UPC Barcelona Tech


The Urban Freight is vital for the economic, social and cultural growth of the city. The multiplicity of actors involved and the conflicting interests confer magnified difficulty in dynamic cities and in all centers of European cities. Future "Smart cities" Sensorized and real-time information will streamline the management of what is already beginning to be called "Smart city logistics".

Information infrastructure becomes an indispensable asset to society, contributing to the development of info-ecosystems covering smart mobility and logistics last section (the last mile or the capillary distribution).

The article analyzes the current situation of urban freight distribution in European cities, the usual measures of implementation, the actors and their views, and some of the practices and current trends conferred on the "Smart city logistics lists "an area of ​​growing interest from the scientific point of view as well as professional application.


Urban transport, Merchandise, Urban Freight DUM, Intelligent Transportation System ITS, Real-time information, Logistics platform, Mobility management, Urban logistics.

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