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self-generating energy and intelligent road infrastructure

Antoni Orti Hernandez
Project Manager
Green Solutions & Management SL 


Reinvent large road infrastructure, give more value and in turn these can give us more services, it is possible. Through this article, we will offer a new vision of the current road infrastructures. We intend to reinvent them by integrating innovative solutions, in order to transform them into sources of local electricity generation and also provide them with systems that convert them into intelligent infrastructures, from which services for citizens are derived and improve the quality of life of society in its set. 

The article is divided into two parts: the first will introduce basic concepts, which in turn are the fundamental principles for understanding the solutions that will be explained in the second part. Solutions with installation in infrastructure take advantage of the sun and vehicle traffic to generate clean energy locally, which can be used to power the lighting of the road, road signs, variable message panels, electric vehicle charging, etc. .

With the implementation of these solutions, it is intended to solve the increase in energy demand and, at the same time, meet and achieve the 2020 Horizon, the European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. 


Power generation, clean energy, Horizon 2020, Autogeneration, Autoconsumo, Traffic, Sun, Vehicle.

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