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ITS architecture specification. Fotsis project experience

Jorge Alfonso kurano
Nuria Sánchez ALMODÓVAR
Jose Manuel Menendez
Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

Emilio Cacheiro
OHL Concesiones


Constant recent development of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has resulted in several initiatives that focus on different aspects of the environment. The European FOTsis project under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP7) revolves around infrastructure road transport environment. The project's basic objectives deploy and validate 7 services that have been designed to maximize the benefits of the integration of different entities based on the ITS infrastructure landscape: the infrastructure operator and external data providers, among others.

This article describes the current status of the project, highlighting the specification of the ITS architecture that supports it: references, a brief review of the definition of the requirements of the services, and finally the FOTsis architecture proposal, together with some conclusions about the tests made on the proposed architecture. At the end of the article there is an overview of the next steps in the project.


Transportation, Intelligent Transportation System ITS, Field Operational Test (FOT), Communication, Cooperative ITS, ITS service, ITS architecture.

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