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"Smart mobility" in urban and regional

Maria Serrano Basterra
Director of SmartCity Center of Excellence. Schneider Electric

Vincente Moreno Brown
Traffic Systems Solution Architect. Telvent


As cities grow, the mobility needs of citizens change. People can live on the periphery, working in the city center, visit a relative who lives in a neighboring town, to attend a meeting in another district, enjoy weekends in the countryside, participate in a sporting competition to 50 kilometers away from the city or take a flight from an airport located 100 kilometers. Different activities are carried out at different scales of distance and there are no borders for people moving within urban, metropolitan and regional areas.

Therefore, the new challenges and demands of mobility require integrated, efficient and sustainable solutions that allow better planning, a more coordinated management and continuous improvement, not only applied to urban areas or isolated municipalities, but also taking into account metropolitan areas and regions. Provide "Smart Mobility" (smart mobility) provides quality of life to citizens, attracting talent and businesses to a region and therefore gaining in economic competitiveness.


Transport, Urban transport, Mobility, Sustainability, Traffic, Congestion, Real-time, integrated mobility management.

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