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Redevelopment of urban roads

José Luis Infanzón Priore
Director General of the General Plan Review
Government Department of Planning and Housing
Madrid City Council


Referring to the redevelopment of urban roads in an integral sense, it transcends the mere restoration of urban firm or renewing their floors and furniture. It has to do, especially with this inherited adaptation to the needs and demands of the contemporary city road, without losing sight of its role as a shaping the urban landscape of the different areas of the historic city.

The historical functions of public space, such as provide support for mobility, build the urban scene or enable coexistence and civic sociability, are particularly important in the contemporary city by incorporating concepts such as naturalization of the city or criteria environmental, economic and social sustainability. The inclusion of works projects in a global vision of city model involves consideration from the different areas of urban planning in an integration strategy in the various territorial scales, from all parts of public space under objectives: integration, generalization, rigor formal stability, austerity and sustainability.


Redevelopment, Public Space, Urban Road, Traffic, Urban transport, mobility, urban Firm.

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