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Paving and concrete bases in solid urban

Carlos Jofre Ibanez
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Of Counsel


Concrete pavements have some qualities (low maintenance and high durability, stable and resistant surface, light, heat island mitigation, aesthetic possibilities effect, etc.) that make it very interesting use in firm. In this article these advantages is discussed, along with some drawbacks that have been attributed to this (deadline for opening to traffic, sound ...) solution, but it is possible to provide adequate with techniques which answers are currently available .

the different types of concrete pavements magazine is passed, the aspects to consider in your project (thickness, gaskets) and construction methods available. They are discussed in detail some of the possibilities in the finish flooring of this type, in which coloring techniques, printing, texturing, deactivation, etc., allow to obtain a variety of decorative effects without sacrificing skid resistance.

Finally they examine some of the properties of lean concrete bases, which are used routinely in the firm of many cities.


Urban firm, firm rigid, rigid pavement, concrete, design, construction, finish, lean concrete.

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