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Planning of urban roads

Enrique Ubillos ORSOLICH
Head Department of Sustainability and Mobility
Town Planning and Housing
Madrid City Council


Introduction and conceptual criteria. The planning of urban roads within the urban parameters and mobility. The interactive relationship between the city and the mobility system, necessary and inevitable relationship. City and planning as linked realities.

Territorial constraints. The city model. Trends and global objectives of economic opportunity, cohesion, environmental, social and economic sustainability, looking for a city with quality of life in terms of environmental responsibility.

Assessment, diagnosis, strategic proposals, urban planning and normative regulation in a continuous and flexible process. Sustainable urban mobility in the intermodal context. Headroom of building, integrating public and private space, the road system, accessibility to the uses and activities support and under consideration of the urban impacts.

Since regulatory determinations territorial and jurisdictional view of supramunicipal scope and general and local character it is presented. sustainable mobility, mobility of closeness, dissemination of centralidades. Some procedures such as status indicators and monitoring and transport simulator as an analytical tool.


Urbanism, City, Planning, Mobility, Urban road, Urban transport, road regulations, sustainable mobility.

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