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Tire Tread with Powder Out of Use (PNFU), five years after its commissioning work

Joseph Simon Grau
Chm Works and Infrastructure

Thomas Bernal Zamora
CARM laboratory

Jaime Ramis Soriano
University of Alicante

Santiago Gutiérrez Núñez

Francisco J. Barceló Martínez
REPSOL Technological Center

Julio Lopez Ayerra


Five years ago pavement test sections with PNFU were run using two application techniques (dry and wet) to check their behavior on issues related to road safety and the environment.

Performed the tests involved in experimental studies, it was found that the use of PNFU in the manufacture of asphalt layers firm in rolling the following advantages:

- Possibility of using PNFU without penalizing the performance of the firm.

- Reduction of noise pollution (traffic noise).

- Increased slip resistance.

- Maintenance of the black tonality of the firm longer, improving the color contrast with the horizontal road markings.

In the article the results of trials related to road safety and the environment are exposed, five years after the completion of the test sections, and a comparative study with the initial results.


Crumb rubber out of use (PNFU`s), Bitumen, modified binder, Bituminous mixture, Environment, Road safety, Waste.

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