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State of the art in implementing international road management systems

Carlos M Chang Albitres        
Assistant teacher
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Texas at El Paso

Delmar Salomon        
Pavement Preservation Systems LLC

Iraki Ibarra      
Research assistant
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Texas at El Paso


The road management systems (QMS) countries are at different stages of development. Management concepts in road construction and preservation are known but have not been fully implemented in the SGC. To assess the state of the art in international SGC, it has conducted a survey on "Road Asset Management Task" of the "International Road Federation" (IRF). This article documents the results of the survey based on responses from seventeen agencies around the world.

As a result of the survey shows that most countries are in a process of expanding the road network, and are anxious to assimilate the lessons learned by other agencies to implement an effective road management program. Therefore, this article aims to promote dialogue on SGC to facilitate the implementation of effective programs of maintenance and rehabilitation of roads.


Conservation, Maintenance, Rehabilitation, Road management system SGC, International survey, Road data collection, Network status, Planning. 

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