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Application of GNSS / Galileo system for payment for infrastructure use

Sara Gutiérrez Lanza                                                                                                                               
Electronics Engineer
Coordinator of the Engineering and Navigation Applications Division.

José María Martín Bobis                                                                                                                          
Electronics Engineer. Engineer HW / SW Development
Engineering and Navigation Applications


This project, funded by the European Commission and managed by the GSA as part of 7º Framework Programme, has researched the current impediments to large-scale deployment of payment systems for use of infrastructure or "Road User Charging" (RUC) based on GNSS.

One of its key was the implementation of a large-scale demonstration of national scope, a RUC system based on GNSS in the Netherlands. This article describes the objectives of the demonstration, approach and structure, findings and conclusions, as well as infrastructure and procedures required, focusing on extensive testing and giving details of the extensive testing (or "End-to-End").

The analysis of the data confirmed that a reliable GNSS technology to different schemes RUC and that the technology proposed by GINA can implement as demanding as those systems based on calculating the distance traveled satisfactorily and economically.


GNSS Payment for use of infrastructure, electronic toll, Galileo, value-added service, demonstration, Comprehensive Test, extensive testing.

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