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Risk perception and safety to the driving

Rafaela Luna Blanco   
Profesora Titular de Universidad
Department Psychobiology and Methodology in Behavioral Sciences
Area of ​​Research Methodology in Behavioral Sciences
Malaga University


In the area of ​​road safety, there is a perceived risk underestimation and overestimation of risk assumed. This study aims to analyze, from an opinion poll, if the degree of agreement or disagreement pointing subjects with the main causes of traffic accidents related to the degree of risk they perceive and take in conducting vehicles and posed possible solutions to reduce traffic accidents.

The results show that using drugs, backtrack and speeding, are closely related by the high perceived risk and minimum risk assumed by individuals in such situations. Subjects perceived risk but assume because that achieve this objective, although they may cause an accident. Perceived risk and risk assumed speak very difficult to maintain optimal balance in communicating vessels.


Traffic Accident, Driver, Survey opinion, Road safety, risk perception, risk assumed.

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