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Methodology for conducting road safety audits in operational phase

Iñigo Santamaría Muñoz        
Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas
Road Safety Auditor
General Coordinator Itsak


Audits Road Safety are a tool serving the technicians managing roads to achieve a reduction in accident rates and minimize the consequences of accidents that occur on them.

The methodology presented aims to analyze the role and demand of the road so that the solutions to the problems encountered get maintain service levels in line with the characteristics of the tracks, studying the causes of the accidents that occur so systematic whenever a series of conditions to find solutions that eliminate such accidents and carry out an inspection of the functional elements of the infrastructure in order to try to remove the remaining unsystematic meet accident.

All they are relying on a truly multidisciplinary team of experts in the field of road infrastructure, the automotive industry and human behavior in driving.


Road Safety, Road Safety, Accident, Traffic, Road Safety Audit, function of track, accident research, inspection of functional elements, multidisciplinary team.


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