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Experimental study of noise produced by light vehicle traffic devices moderators

Carlos Augusto Kaffure                                                                                                                       
Research staff
Engineering Research Group Highway (GIIC)
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Alfredo Garcia                                                                                                                                       
Professor of Highway Engineering (GIIC)
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Tsui Ana Moreno                                                                                                                                 
Research Staff (GIIC)
Polytechnic University of Valencia

Carlos Llorca          
Research Staff (GIIC)
Polytechnic University of Valencia


Among the sources of noise pollution is road traffic and noise of vehicles passing over traffic devices moderators. Therefore, a study of the major energy indexes of noise produced by light vehicles was performed before, during and after the passage of the same on different types of traffic moderators, associating it with speed. The devices were analyzed moderators transverse ridge, a high walkway, a prefabricated highlight and a "speed kidney."

The results showed that the noise behavior for transverse tenderloin was very elastic to present similar noise values ​​for different ranges of speed reduction as opposed to the flyover. Noise levels in the prefabricated highlight were increased by the blow of the tires with the device and the "speed kidney" did not produce noise spikes or impulse noise which generates more discomfort and more noticeable noise levels.


Traffic, traffic Moderation, Noise, Noise pollution, Speed, Environment.

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