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Study of the use of zeolite in the properties of the hot mix asphalt

Alberto Cordero
Chair Mariano López Navarro
University of Zaragoza 

Pilar Mañas
Highways Laboratory
Government of Aragon

Begoña Calvo
Chair Mariano López Navarro
University of Zaragoza


Within the framework of this project, a comparative study of the behavior of hot (HMA) and semi-hot (WMA) asphalt mixtures has been carried out. For this, a zeolite-type additive produced in Zaragoza has been used, with similar characteristics to the existing commercial zeolites for this application (Aspha-min® and Advera®WMA) from among the different existing technologies to produce WMA. 

For this, two types of mixes have been manufactured, AC 16 surf 50/70 D and AC16 surf 35/50 S, with and without zeolite at different compaction temperatures following existing regulations.


Keywords: semi-hot mix asphalt, Zeolite, asphalt mix, asphalt mix, Additive, Manufacturing temperature, greenhouse gas, mechanical property.

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