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Estimated travel time using data fusion highway

Francesc Soriguera
CENIT (Center for Innovation in Transport)
School of Civil Engineering, Canal and Port of Barcelona
Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña


The continuing development of new traffic monitoring technologies gives rise to a situation with multiple sources of data and multiple algorithms for estimating the variables of interest, including travel time information. This context with data from different sources, all of them imprecise to varying degrees, is suitable for the application of data fusion techniques. Its objective is to obtain a more reliable and accurate than any of the individual estimates by themselves fused value.

This article presents a simple data merging methodology for estimating travel time by motorway. The proposed method uses data from loop detectors and toll tickets and would easily generalizable to other data sources. Its pilot in the motorway AP-7 application has obtained promising results.


Transport, Highway, Traffic, Travel time, Data merging, Monitoring, loop detector, Ticket toll.

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