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New provision of security barrier systems in the medians of the A-40

Director of the A-40 Work. Stretch: Villarrubia de Santiago-Santa Cruz de la Zarza.
Ministerio de Fomento

Head of Road Safety. Highways Agency.
Ministerio de Fomento


The accident left off by road via high capacity is a problem that, in addition to the dramatic situations that gives rise to the high society inflicts costs. Therefore, it should be paid intense attention to the design of medium and barriers available to them, in order to prevent such accidents and limiting the consequences of which still take place.

Usually the medians of highways are designed almost systematically applying the minimum parameters required normatively and usually with safety barriers attached or very close to one of the inner shoulders. However, both national technical recommendations and the international bibliography recommend to carry out an economic study of alternatives before placing barriers and, if available is justified, disposing her away from the road next to the axis of the median.

This article discusses the advantages and limitations of the available next barrier to the axis of the median and shows how installed on the work of the A-40, Tramo are analyzed: Villarrubia de Santiago-Santa Cruz de la Zarza, highlighting the newest and most striking aspects but conform to the best practices in the field and also to the applicable regulations.


Road safety, Security Barrier, Departure via Accident, Bionda, Medium, Highway, Highway A-40, Ministry of Development.

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