RCD's use of recycled aggregates. Technical regulations and certification materials Andalusian

Manuel Salas Casanova
Department. Quality Control Construction Materials

Paul Cembrero Masa
Department. Engineering Infrastructure

Noemi Jimenez Redondo
Dpt. R & D + i


The recycling rate of RCD's in Spain is much lower than the minimum required by the European Union. There are many causes: administrative, technical, economic, cultural, etc. To increase recycling rates, and comply with what is required, a strategy must be proposed that acts on these conditions.

In Andalusia, the Public Works Agency has launched its Plan for employment RCD's. Plan rests on four pillars:

• Research, both in the preparation of RCD's, as in the design of roads using these aggregates.

• Validation experimental sections.

• Development of a specific technical regulations for the use of RCD's.

• autoexigencia managers declared to ensure the quality of its products.

Residue; Recycling; Recycled aggregate; Construction and demolition waste; Normative; Andalusia; zahorra; Gravacemento; I usually recycled.

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