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Examples of works using waste

Antonio Ramírez Rodríguez         
Jacinto Luis Garcia Santiago        


In this article some actions carried out in recent years in the use of waste in works are discussed. Discuss the experience acquired in the Olivar dual carriageway, Baeza-Puente stretch Bishop, for stabilization of marginal soils for use in the construction of embankments, using ashes of biomass and thermal power.

We will also explain the actions that were carried out during the repair works on the pavement of two sections of the A92 highway, in Granada, in which all the materials that made up the layers of the old pavement were fully recycled. Likewise, actions are commented on the works that, at the time of writing this text (April May 2011), are in the course of rehabilitation of the A1 Highway, between PK 101 and 247, both in the manufacture of bituminous mixtures with dust of rubber from end-of-life tires, as in the use of milling waste from the pavement in various ways of recycling. 

Waste, marginal Soil Stabilization biomass ash, ash thermal power plant, recycling asphalt mix, tire out of use (NFU), biomass Slag, Slag power plant.

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