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Specifications on hazardous substances regulated in the harmonized standards of aggregates

Transport Study Center of CEDEX

Sonia Fernandez Gonzalez
Address Standardization AENOR


Directive 89 / 106 / EEC Construction Products (CPD) provides in its Annex I the essential requirements to be fulfilled by construction products. These requirements must be incorporated to the documents produced by the European standardization bodies in the form of technical specifications, which must meet these products when intended for a particular use. Following this systematic, the manufacturer shall declare, according to the document that is applicable, the performance of your product, after any checks required by the CE mark. Thus, products are distinguished with this marking may be placed on the European Internal Market, under the guarantees of security that protects this distinction.

Of the six essential requirements of the CPD five it has already been incorporated in harmonized product standards. The technical specifications that derive from the Essential Requirement 3 (RE3) "Health, Hygiene and the Environment" which includes among others the release of hazardous substances, need the same consideration that such stability requirements or reaction to fire but are mostly outstanding definition. For this reason, the European Commission through studies of the Panel of Hazardous Substances addressed the CEN (European Committee for Standardization), the mandate M / 366 and proceeded to the modification of much of the standardization mandates affecting to construction products. The work program included in the mandate M / 366, taken by CEN / TC 351 Technical Committee, it requires the definition of methods of horizontal test to permit evaluation of construction products in its intended use in terms of release / regulated emission of hazardous substances into air, water (surface and underground) and soil.

This article focuses on the description of the activities in the technical bodies of CEN, for the incorporation of said RE3 in harmonized standards of aggregates for road pavement layers, with specific reference to aggregates derived from waste.


Material, Regulations, CE marking, Hazardous substance, Barren, Essential requirement 3, construction products Directive, Firme road, Waste, Leachate.

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