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Conservation by indicators. A future that is present

Guillermo Albrecht Arquer                                                                                                               
Director of the Division of Infrastructure Management
Profesor Asociado
ETS Civil Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid 


In the current situation, it is particularly important optimization of road management. The current boundary conditions that frame the development, maintenance and operation of these infrastructures routed to management by indicators. This is reflected in recent history, both nationally and internationally, where they have captured the main challenges of this new framework and the risks and benefits.

the main significant aspects of recent experiences in Spain, where the importance of selecting, defining and specifying indicators as well as the need for performing sensitivity studies with different scenarios on the degree of compliance can be inferred discussed indicator thresholds.

Finally, it seems clear that this is the new model that will govern in the future, though, to be successful it is necessary to involve all parties, leveraging our recent experiences.

Indicator, Conservation, Operation, Maintenance, road management, Status indicator, Quality indicator.

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