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Need to secure financing for conservation

José María Morera Bosch
1º vice president of the Spanish Society Dealers Association
Highways, Tunnels, Bridges and Toll Road (ASETA)
Vice President of Technical Road Association (ATC)


In the last fifteen years, the Spanish road network has had a great development due mainly to the funds transferred from the European Union. This has forced significantly increase maintenance costs for the purpose of preserving this heritage road and maintain the state of the roads in acceptable safety levels.

However, the crisis that is hurting the country, has become necessary to reduce the current expenditure of the Administrations for the purpose of containing the high deficit that dragged the Spanish accounts. The Ministry of Public Works budgets have been cut drastically and consequently the conservation of the road network.

This article, in order to ensure stable funding for the conservation of this network, proposes the application of a fee or toll to use an important part of the network. likely cash flows within a reasonable hypothesis are calculated and shown that they would be sufficient for the intended purpose. Finally, an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the system becomes.


Financing, Conservation, Toll Fee for use, Budget deficit, Integral conservation,
Highway network.

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